LadyCup will always be a discreet helper during your days. You can be dancing at ball, swimming, riding bicycle and you will be sure that nobody will know anything. The reliability is also proved by the fact that more women and girls have left pads and tampons for the cup.

You will be sure with menstrual cup LadyCup of any colour, not only during your menstruation but also aside of it. The cup will prevent water and germs from entering in during swimming in rivers, ponds or lakes, where the water is not really that clean. Pads or tampons cannot do that. 

LadyP is not yet so well known to all women, but it will not take long before it will be an accessory of every modern woman. They will make use of this aid mainly during sports (skiing, mountain hiking, cycling) but also during walks at places where toilets are not commonly available. And not every toilet suits our needs and expectations.

on Nov 11, 2014

Pads and tampons are far from over but menstrual cup is quickly catching up. It is very popular and who used it once, keeps coming back.

Pads and tampons are still popular hygienic aid but menstrual cup is gaining still bigger interest of women and girls. There are a lot of women who are not familiar with it yet but the information is spreading quickly and experiences that are being passed on are increasing its popularity. You also have the chance to expand the crowds of satisfied customers and try menstrual cup.

on Sep 04, 2014

LadyP is not a fashion invention but a useful aid. There is not an available toilet everywhere and the cleanness is also not a matter of course. And to use the toilet sitting down may be difficult. To take off the ski overall is not easy. It is not always possible to find a suitable hiding place at a trip. These problems drop out when using LadyP.

LadyP is not only an excellent aid for women during sports but also for women after an operation or accident. Also older women, who have problems with their legs, can use this aid. It is also not easy to give a urine sample at the doctor´s and it is really a must for women on a wheelchair.