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Care & maintenance


LadyCup – care & maintenance

The absolutely smooth surface of LadyCup allows for very simple maintenance. LadyCup has no mark on its outside and inside surfaces, no inscriptions or other symbols.

Keep LadyCup in the enclosed cotton bag. If stored in a place free of UV radiation, LadyCup preserves its natural, clean colour on a long-term basis. Do not put LadyCup into airtight packages. Boil or sterilize LadyCup at the end of the menstrual period. Of course, this is possible during menstruation, as well.

During menstruation, we recommend rinsing LadyCup with water and / or using a non-perfumed soap as basic maintenance. Perform maintenance as soon as possible upon emptying LadyCup, as this prevents drying of the menstrual blood which makes subsequent cleaning more difficult. If no water is available, e.g. toilet paper can be used.

Should anything be unclear or should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

LadyP – care & maintenance

Recommended maintenance is simple! Wash or rinse with water. LadyP can even withstand boiling or sterilisation! Remember that urine is sterile!

LadyPad – care & maintenance

LadyPad are machine or hand washable and safe to put in the dryer. Wash your new LadyPad once before using. You can expect to last for up to 3–5 years following care instructions. Zip-lock laundry bag for washing LadyPads.