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LadyCup – FAQ


Materials used in LadyCup? Certificates?

The material used is Liquid Silicone Rubber from the German company. LadyCup has been awarded the "Certificate of Compliance with USB Biological Tests, Classification VI" (Bioservice – Scientific Laboratories).

Is LadyCup packaging discrete? How is LadyCup shipped?

The package is absolutely discrete. LadyCup is wrapped in an opaque bubble envelope or in cardboard packaging. LadyCup is shipped through the local post office or the carrier General Logistics Systems.

What is the guarantee?

Guarantee for the material is 2 years. The lifetime of the product is up to 15 years, given its regular and proper maintenance. In case you choose the wrong size, we will replace your LadyCup free of charge.

What is the difference compared to other menstrual cups?

LadyCup has a different design. One difference is that there are no marks, inscriptions or symbols on its inner and outer surfaces. Therefore maintenance is very easy. The shape and surface of the bottom part and of the stem is adapted for easier removal / insertion thanks to its raised bumps. The thickness of the silicone material used is adapted to provide maximum flexibility, thus ensuring the best possible feeling during use. Low pressure openings are designed so as to prevent possible running through.

How to take care of LadyCup properly?

Keep LadyCup in the enclosed cotton bag. If stored in a place without UV radiation, LadyCup will preserve its clean color for a long time. Do not keep LadyCup in airtight packages. Perform boiling or sterilization at the end of the menstruation period. Rinsing with water and using non-perfumed soap, if possible, is recommended as basic maintenance during menstruation. Perform maintenance as soon as possible upon emptying to prevent drying of menstrual blood, which makes subsequent cleaning more difficult. If water is not available, e.g. toilet paper can be used.

Solving problems with insertion / removal

To facilitate insertion, LadyCup can be moistened with water or a water-based lubrication gel can be used. Try an insertion position suitable for you (sitting / squatting / kneeling position) during a period without menstruation. Overall relaxation is important for removal! Try a removal position suitable for you (sitting / squatting position) in a period without menstruation. You can also help yourself by using your vaginal muscles. Separate LadyCup from the vaginal wall using the stem and a finger and pull LadyCup out lightly.

Using during sports / when travelling / at home

LadyCup is especially suitable for all active women. You will appreciate its use during any sporting activities or while travelling.


No allergies have ever been known to be caused by menstrual cups. LadyCup is suitable for all women with sensitive mucosa who have an allergy to latex. Should you observe any changes of the mucosa in the vaginal surroundings, remove LadyCup and contact a doctor!

Strong menstruation

In strong menstruation, empty LadyCup more frequently than is indicated in the instructions. We recommend a combination of LadyCup and a sanitary napkin.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

As of today, no cases of toxic shock syndrome have been known to be caused by the use of menstrual cups. In the event that any toxic shock syndrome symptoms occur, remove LadyCup immediately and contact a doctor!


Do not use LadyCup during a confinement period due to the possible risk of infection!

The first menstruation

LadyCup can be used safely from the very first menstruation.

Using LadyCup with contraceptives

Can be used with a diaphragm or spiral.

How often should LadyCup be emptied?

Depending on your menstrual flow and the menstrual blood volume, empty LadyCup as needed. Usually 2–4 times during the day or 1 time during a night application (12 hours max.).

Using LadyCup with urination or stool

LadyCup need not be taken out. It is your decision and depends on how you feel. If LadyCup moves, it needs to be replaced again properly so that possible running through does not occur.

LadyCup and sex

LadyCup cannot be used during sexual intercourse.

Use of sterilization solutions to clean LadyCup

The recommended sterilization tablets will sterilize your LadyCup in 15 minutes. Moreover, there is no risk of LadyCup deteriorating through boiling. Milton disinfection has already been used in hospitals for 30 years and its antibacterial efficiency against all germs has been clinically proven. Additionally, Milton sterilization tablets are more efficient than boiling, a process in which not all germs are destroyed.

Use of lubrication gels for easier insertion

During the first application and to gain practice in inserting LadyCup, we recommend that you use a lubrication gel. Use a water-based lubrication gel exclusively, to prevent possible damage of the silicone product! We recommend the application of a lubrication gel for all girls / women who have not given birth to a child yet.

LadyCup sizes

Size S(mall) – diameter 40mm; length 46mm; length of the stem 19mm; volume 21,2ml
Size L(arge) – diameter 46mm; length 53mm; length of the stem 12mm; volume 34,3ml

The 19/13mm stem, can be shortened to the length you find most suitable by simply using a sharp knife or scissors. The stem can be removed entirely as well, however. Please be careful not to cut into the bottom of the LadyCup!

LadyCup leaking?

Check for proper position of the inserted LadyCup according to instructions. Check whether LadyCup adheres to the vaginal wall. It is important that LadyCup is unfolded entirely. Perform the check using a finger along its surface. Check the patency of the low pressure openings and clean them if needed.


LadyP – FAQ


What material is LadyP made of?

LadyP is made entirely of a medical grade silicone with all attestations. No plastic or latex materials have been used. Colours used have attestations and are approved for use in food industry and healthcare.

What is the durability and reusability of LadyP?

When maintained properly, the durability and reusability is up to 15 years. Avoid using sharp objects that could damage the silicone!

LadyP maintenance

Ideally, wash with water and intimate hygiene soap (LadyGel). When travelling or when no water is available, use wet intimate tissues (LadyWipe).
For maintenance, you can use a sterilization solution prepared simply by following instructions for the Milton sterilizing tablets. We recommend that you perform this maintenance once in a long while or after not using your LadyP for a long time.
Alternatively, you can boil LadyP for 4 to 5 minutes. Caution! When water boils down, the silicone might burn, causing its destruction.

Why is LadyP not disposable?

The demand for disposable products is decreasing. Modern women think ecologically and economically!

LadyP protection

After using, place LadyP in the practical case.

What is the LadyP size?

LadyP is 95 mm tall, 60 mm wide and 154 mm long.

Instructions for use:

  1. Place LadyP against your body to ensure full sealing.
  2. Direct in the right direction and use.
  3. Place back in the case or a plastic bag for the next use.
    (if possible, wipe with a wet intimate tissue or wash with water and intimate hygiene soap)


LadyPad – FAQ


What material are LadyPad made of?

LadyPad are made from 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton.

LadyPad advantages

Pantyliners: sizes XS, S, M, L

Thin, super soft and absorbent, the one-piece pantyliner is ideal for light, daily protection, or for those times when your menstrual cup is not available. This breathable pantyliner is comfortable, easy to wash and easy to use.

Pads and liners: sizes S, M, L

Leak-proof pads are ideal for daytime use. These pads consist of a holder and inserts and have an integral leak-resistant sheet.

Liner inserts: sizes S, M, L

Leak-proof liners are ideal for daytime use and have an integral leak-resistant sheet. Liner inserts absorb most of your menstrual flow.

LadyPad dimensions

Liner inserts
Pads and liners
L: 230×70 mm
L: 250×200 mm
L: 250×200 mm
M: 215×70 mm
M: 240×185 mm
M: 240×190 mm
S: 200×70 mm
S: 220×180 mm
S: 230×180 mm
XS: 200×170 mm

LadyPad care

LadyPad are machine or hand washable and safe to put in the dryer. Wash your new LadyPad once before using. You can expect to last for up to 3–5 years following care instructions. Zip-lock laundry bag for washing LadyPads.

Why is LadyPad not disposable?

The demand for disposable products is decreasing. Modern women think ecologically and economically!

LadyPad sizes

LadyPad are available in four sizes, three types

LadyPad use

The print side of LadyPad touches your underwear. Fold the wings over the crotch and close the snaps. Incorrect placement may result in reduced comfort and performance of the LadyPad. please note that Liners are not intended to be worn without Pad. Place one of the inserts inside the holder. LadyPad are a perfect choice for incontinence.

Confidence in textil. Tested for harmfull substance (according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100).


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